Formalizing the menstrual disorder patient movement: is it possible?

By Zal Press and Holly Bridges

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa These words by Mother Teresa are a motivational mantra of sorts for Canadian women who have come to a fork in the road in their fight against fibroids and the debilitating heavy menstrual bleeding they cause.

What is the future of the movement? Where does it go from here after two national gatherings?  Is it time to form a non-profit foundation or social enterprise?

The movement to create awareness of fibroids and heavy periods in Canada is now some 8,000 strong, between Canadian Women with Fibroids, The UnHysterectomy and the Alberta Women’s Health Coalition. While these groups are working hard to raise awareness and bring hope, it could be argued that their work has a long way to go before becoming a household word. To-do list The leaders of these groups all agreed at their most recent gathering in Toronto that something must be done:

To increase awareness of menstrual disorders; To work with the medical community, policy makers and politicians to change the way our society perceives and treats menstrual disorders such as fibroids; To increase access to better, faster, more equitable treatment in all regions of Canada;

To advocate for and support women who are suffering in silence, and; To formalize the patient movement to generate more support, whether [...] continue the story