XX Stories of Women in Health Week

Its hard to argue the facts. According to XX in Health,  women represent 73% of medical and health services managers while only 4% of healthcare CEOs are women. I can’t imagine that this doesn’t affect the delivery of care from the professional and institutional providers.

But since we here at Patient Commando are on a mission to amplify the patient perspective, we’re interested in the equation from the other side of the table. And the reality is that 80-90% of health decisions taken for patients are made by women. Women are the primary caregivers and decision makers to sick children, sick spouses, sick siblings, and sick parents. As well as when they’re sick themselves.

We’re declaring this week “XX Stories of Women in Health Week” where we celebrate the critical role of women as caregivers and engaged patients. We’ve searched our collection and come up with a terrific selection by and about dynamic women who are role models to all of us in bringing better care to those in need. (more…)

Patient Commando #TentTalk – Live Journal

“Healing Through Theatre” – July 10th, 5PM at The Toronto Fringe Festival Tent Talks

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♦♦♦ Pre Event ♦♦♦

13:00 via @PatientCommando: Join us Today for our @Toronto_Fringe tent talk with @CancerCantDance details on FB http://t.co/9Sba9WPu

13:05 via @PatientCommando: PM Tent Talk at 581 Bloor Street for @Toronto_Fringe – Come one, Come all.

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13:12 via @Colleen_Young: @PatientCommando see you at the #FringeTT at 5pm for your show. Can’t wait http://t.co/vPGmEfJk

13:39 via @PatientCommando: Everything you need to know about today’s Tent Talk event – http://t.co/0sIdoxca

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16:00 via @PatientCommando: 1 Hour to show time @Toronto_Fringe “Healing Through Theatre” #FringeTT http://t.co/0sIdoxca

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16:41 via @PatientCommando: Getting our team sorted, the camera primed and twitter feed at the ready

♦♦♦ Event Start ♦♦♦

17:00 via @verbitty: Taking in a @Toronto_Fringe #TentTalk at Artist Alley about theatre’s power to heal, follow me for all the live action!

17:01 via @PatientCommando: Tent talk starting and its a packed house

17:02 via @PatientCommando: Clare from @Toronto_Fringe kicks us off

17:04 via @PatientCommando: Intros with Brian G Smith, Dan Stolfi, Zal, and Dr. Jeremy  Photo: http://t.co/4Uw41jZK

17:06 via @PatientCommando: Zal talking about what we do http://t.co/fIZCl19c 

17:08 via @verbitty: Patients like to tell their story, empowers them to engage their providers for better care

17:08 via @PatientCommando: Dr. Jeremy talking about how telling a story “works”

17:10 via @PatientCommando: Improv creates an authentic story – Brian G Smith Photo: http://t.co/G7K5egPI

17:12 via @verbitty: Arts Health Initiative uses humour with retirement residents, reduces agitation and increases sociability

17:13 via @PatientCommando: Improv and humorous patient storytelling shows a 20% decrease in agitation in patients

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17:13 via @verbitty: Not just using humour, but empathy and emotion to connect with patients

17:14 via @verbitty: Patch Adams: Treat the disease you win or lose; treat the patient, you win everytime

17:14 via @PatientCommando: You treat the patient you win everytime. #PatchAdams

17:16 via @PatientCommando: Zal demonstrates theatre and connection Photo: http://t.co/boaXjWrk

17:18 via @PatientCommando: Zal demonstrating the power of impressions Photo: http://t.co/ATD8cExA

17:19 via @verbitty: Theatre is about illusion and perspective, applying to healing changes views on illness and response

17:20 via @PatientCommando: Dan Stolfi shares his story Photo: http://t.co/ILFyTmTP

17:24 via @verbitty: Cancer Can’t Dance Like This: from Fringe to national, giving cancer sufferes a voice via awareness and education

17:25 via @PatientCommando:@CancerCantDance shares benefits of telling an award winning show and now working with Brian Photo: http://t.co/JMI0bKU3

17:33 via @PatientCommando: @CancerCantDance and @Toronto_Fringe 100 play “Dr. Know it all”. Hilarity ensues Photo: http://t.co/Z2IakYAV

17:33 via @verbitty: From Giraffe Elboowtology to Elephant Testicles (Period): Three-Headed Doctor and other improv games

17:35 via @PatientCommando: Dr. Jeremy discusses med school, humour, and narrative.

17:37 via @PatientCommando: Questions from the audience. I think I know this guy…

17:39 via @verbitty: Acceptance of hardships, sickness or otherwise, gives you power over it to use for humour and theatre

17:39 via @PatientCommando: @CancerCantDance shares insights from his journey – when to introduce story to a patient and share

17:42 via @verbitty: Theatre liberates you from the downs of sickness active listening creates doctor-patient empathy

17:42 via @PatienCommando: “Theatre can build #empathy” – Zal Press

17:43 via @verbitty: Using humour and more accessible patient language to help patients laugh sooner and cope better

17:44 via @PatientCommando: No one wants to hear “knock knock, it’s cancer.” – Dr. Jeremy Photo: http://t.co/kzjjC6QZ

17:47 via @PatientCommando: A patient story can provide the reframing necessary for a posititve patient-doctor relationship.

17:49 via @verbitty: Medicine is a blend of art and science

17:51 via @PatientCommando: Zal – talking about patient commando. Come visit us. (shameless plug)

17:52 via @verbitty: Patient Commando amplifies patient voice empowers, engages, teaches narrative skills to play own role in healing

17:55 via @PatientCommando: How to balance humour and mockery in patient relationships. @CancerCantDance shares his experience. Photo: http://t.co/kuzIjYJO

17:56 via @verbitty: Line between using vs imposing humour, coping vs mockery; know audience, turn topic on self so others relate

18:00 via @PatientCommando: One more improve/creative exercise with @CancerCantDance Photo: http://t.co/m7HJ8oqx

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18:06 via @PatientCommando: Questions from the audience turn this activity into a terrifically funny activity

18:08 via @PatientCommando: Thank you to all who attended. Now to @EatPooLove’s show at the Randolph theatre at 9PM. Thx @Toronto_Fringe

18:10 via @verbitty: Hilarious #TentTalk on theatre and healing! Talks every day at 5, visit Artist Alley at @Toronto_Fringe for a talk or come see a show!

21:40 via @Toronto_Fringe: @PatientCommando Read the live tweets that The 100 made at the #TentTalk Great talk today!

♦♦♦ End of Event ♦♦♦

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