Andrea ShewchukAndrea Shewchuk

July 9, 2014

2014 Aphasia Institute Ambassador Award co-recipient

The term “creative process” is most commonly heard in association with art.  Rarely are its aspects appreciated in the arena of health+wellness.

A multi-dimensional, universal machination, at the origin of all life, art and manifestations, ebbs+flows of confusion+light, space+action, external+internal, choice+passivity, quiet+communication, patience+frustration, peace+discomfort, Free Will+Destiny, knowing+not, intellect+intuition, matter+energy, words+colours, fear+perception, before+after, association+freedom, thought+realization, circumstance+response, cycles+chaos, universal+specific…

The path to imbalance is one that does not usually perceive the existence of its creativity.  It tends to ignore messages and agree to presentations, habitually designing disconnection of intertwining facets until, a norm of chronic unwellness, a “nameable” disease or crisis and, opportunity.

The creative process of healing is not a dissection of causes, each to be directly met with its cure.  It is a navigation and understanding of a life, of process, awareness, communications from within and reading from the story in which one participates.  It is a consciousness of interconnection and of the whole.  It is an evolution providing for greater self-knowledge, openness to the experience of an expanded reality and the courage to greet its circumstances with a wisdom that often appears to defy convention.  It is transformation.

My repertoire of childhood conditions was, like anyone’s, a variety of responses to growing, knocking (literally) into boundaries and understanding a body.  From a very young age, each visit to mend or cure only fed my skepticism of the advice and care provided to me by doctors.  I became increasingly dissatisfied with the defensiveness of disclosure, “blanket” cures and a secret society that held authority over my health.  I denounced traditional medical protocols, the way they had dismissed me.

Holistic modalities invite and incorporate patient contribution as a component of the design in the healing process.  Even if and when the process required exhaustive inquiry, demanding patience and discipline, I found comfort, meaning and answers in the continued efforts of discovery.

Anxious to embark on a meaningful career in communications, my first professional post-university position was in a global advertising agency.  Excited to contribute and be part of a creative team, I challenged the irony and discomfort as I stepped off the elevator into the pharmaceutical division and the Seldane account.  Not long after, I left this and a variety of big brand projects to open an art gallery.

Surrounded by works of all media, interviewing and writing artist profiles and statements, discussions with clients about a piece, moved me to examine formal works dedicated to the explanation of the creative process.  One book started, unfinished and to the next – incompletion, though not in my nature, my curiosity to find answers drove me to discard, until I decided to chronicle my own observations, experiences and stories, drafting and envisioning my book on creativity.  After several years, I returned to professional communications though never left my book.

For decades, I practiced finding synchronicity with the healing process, taking clues, coming to understand presentations from its subtle and often highly elusive nature, releasing associations that did not serve the higher wellness.  Supplements and the esoteric, physical training, practitioners guiding and monitoring my mad-scientist styled extreme clinic of self-discovery but often it was only my communion with the creative process that kept me breathing.

And then, as if, but not without warning – As I Lay – being rushed through corridors and confusion, without courtship, without time, thrust into an intimate Shakesperean?  Camusian?  Irvingesque?  relationship with my greatest fear, emergency surgery.  I awoke to memorabilia, physical, irreversible reconfiguration illuminating a new dimension of my life-long examination of Free Will+Destiny and, a deepening of context of the creative process.



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wholisticlab exists to provoke the understanding and realities of health+wellness to a new appreciation of responsibility, consciousness, synergy and universality.

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