An Open Letter to Minister Lisa Raitt

Dear Minister Raitt,

rsz_raittlisa_cpc1Please accept my applause and congratulations for the courageous and open conversation you had on Canada AM about the details of your health issues.

Its estimated that as many as 20% of women suffer from fibroids. Your experience reflects that of many women – that “sometimes options are not presented” and “I didn’t know any of this until it was too late”. And as a consequence so many women suffer in silence and unnecessarily endure extreme treatments.

In case you don’t know, sharing your story is a breakthrough in leadership echelons for this important conversation. You are correct – there’s a lot of stigma attached to speaking about women’s conditions publicly. Usually its in whispers, in corners, or simply with tears of isolation. Women across the country have been addressing these gaps in treatment, diagnosis, and the social and economic impact by self organizing and sharing their stories.

Your leadership role model will empower women to be assertive voices and participants in their healthcare so that they can act, and get appropriate treatment, before its too late. We have been documenting the rise of women’s voices on the issue of fibroids specifically, and bleeding disorders in general and you can follow the stories of these courageous women who have been building a movement from scratch with little support. Their stories are documented here.

I can tell you that the women who contributed to our series of stories are all cheering your disclosure, as it reinforces their bravery to share and to empower others to do the same.

Leadership comes in many forms. It can be as simple as telling a personal story. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to change lives. Welcome to the conversation.

Best regards

Zal Press

Executive Director
Patient Commando Productions
@ Centre for Social Innovation - Annex
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M5S 2R4

To view the entire Canada AM interview with Lisa Raitt click here. Her frank talk about her health starts at the 5:40 mark.

Discover how a small group of women came together to start a movement dedicated to raising awareness about women’s health issues. Our multi-part series starts here.