One Day Full of Pain

There is an old man in one Kurdistan village in Iran, who heals fractures and broken bones with very simple tools.

Illegal Hope

Chemo…radiation……surgery…These are the only options given to Missouri mother, Peri Carter, when she is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. U.S. doctors offer her no hope with only a 3% chance of survival. Unwilling to accept the death sentence handed to her by her doctors. Peri and her family make the decision to seek alternative treatments in an unlikely place, Mexico.


Fabian Castilla was a weelchair basket player in the Argentinian selection for the 1992 Olympics Games in Barcelona. After, he decided to move to Catalonia (Spain) with his wife. In 2001, he started to be the coach and a player from the team Joventut of Badalona. Since 2001, he has made it possible for a team with little budget to be now in the Spanish first division of weelchair basket. This film talks about Fabian’s life, and his dreams.


An attempt of mutual understanding between a blind girl and a deaf guy. A guy meets a girl at the subway station. She was in trouble, so he helped her. At that moment, the girl feels that there is something oddly familiar about him….


Sibusiso is a center for children with mental disabilities located in Arusha, Tanzania. Mentally disabled children here have limited possibilities to realize their developement potential because within Tanzanian culture, a handicap is often regarded as a taboo and a punishment from God. Sibusiso’s mission is to increase the acceptance of mentally handicapped children and to give them the opportunity to discover and develop their capabilities.

Considering Carol

Considering Carol is a brief yet insightful look into the sometimes troubled, yet often brilliant, life of schizophrenic poet come karaoke queen, Carol E Kelly. Carol, 52 years old and a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic since 18 years of age, has become a fully established local celebrity in the town of Portstewart (in Northern Ireland) through her many talents, mainly her published poems and often extravagant karaoke performances to crowds of adoring student fans. Through the recital of one of her own poems, “Waiting in the Lobby”, Carol gives us an insight into her world and how she has learned to cope with the mental illness that is schizophrenia.

Beyond the Light

Guitarist and music teacher Kyaw Kyaw has been blind since birth. In “Beyond the Light”, he talks candidly about his life and his perceptions of the world around him. Blind since birth, he talks of his despair at life, and how taking up the guitar brought him salvation.

Beyond Belief

Something remarkable happened for the first time in Asia. Sixteen physically challenged people went on an expedition to demand equal respect.They trekked through areas that normal people would dread to dare. What was unique was their arrival at a desolate location in the Gorumara forest in trolleys? The clanking of iron wheels on long unused iron tracks injected a challenge in the home of the Indian elephant and one-horned rhino. The four teams had prepared well for the ordeal ahead. Each team had one visually impaired person, a speech and hearing impaired person, one person without upper limbs and one person without lower limbs. They were made aware of the dangers of the expedition… and chose to ignore these with indomitable resolution. A team of 16 differently-abled persons wrote a new chapter in the history of human achievement.


Petra tells the story of Petra Mueller. This woman escaped from Germany when she was 18 years old, traveling up to Spain. In the next years she built a family and found the love she had always wanted. Forty years later, she has cancer and she is engulfed in a serious battle for her life.

Mademoiselle and the Doctor

Seventy-nine year old Lisette Nigot wants to die. She is a healthy academic, of sound mind and intellect, but she wants to die “before things get too bad”. Her cut off age is eighty. “I decided that was the age I wanted to die, a long time ago,” says Lisette. “Madamoiselle and the Doctor” follows Lisette as she consults with controversial euthanasia advocate, Dr. Philip Nitschke. Dr. Nitschlke believes everyone has the right to a peaceful death at a time of their own choosing, but Lisette’s quest for help and advice has him concerned. “You don’t want to wait around until Christmas?” he asks as they discuss which drugs will give Lisette a peaceful death. “I loathe Christmas,” is her witty response.