Texture of Our Soul

It is a short documentary of twelve minutes (12 min) on life of Leprosy Patients, their pain, suffering, faith and above all their enthusiasm toward life. It is very heart touching Documentary in totally unique format of poetry, it hits you very hard in head by showing the discrimination of society for lepers.

Planet of the Blind

Planet of the Blind is an artistic interpretation of Stephen Kuusisto’s courageous life story, as described in his memoirs. Stephen was born visually impaired. Reflecting his mother’s denial, he grew up pretending he could see. He marched everywhere at dizzying speeds without a cane, ashamed of his blind self. The film explores the struggle and beauty of blurred vision. By offering a sense of reduced vision, the film creates an experience of disorientation while emphasizing the poetic beauty and sense of discovery inherent therein.

Living and Dying in Wait

In Quebec in 2008, the average wait time for the elderly infirm to get permanent placement in a public long-term care home is about a year. Temporary placements are sometimes available to patients coming from hospitals, but the families often have little or no say about where the patients get sent. Sometimes they die waiting.

A Black And White Rainbow

As a young and passionate painter, Madhav is well known and successful for his art in the field. He is living a great life with his wife and is immersed in colours all the time. One fine day, a freaky accident changes his life forever. He damages a part of his brains and loses his color perception. All he could see is black and white…. What does he do? How does he cope with the agony, pain? “A Black and White Rainbow” is a journey filled with unexperienced paths, pains, agony, happiness….

Making Lemonade

Fascinating storytelling and classic elements of poetry combine to allow the reader into the world of autism. Faced with a lifetime of “lemons,” Judy decided years ago that rather than (a) throwing them out or (b) letting them rot and then throwing them out, she would (c) make lemonade – capitalizing on her strengths and talents. Each poem in the collection invites us to focus on one of Judy’s lemons, such as sensory lemons, her school days, etc. By choosing her words simply and sparingly, the author trusts us to fill in the spaces with our own experience, encouraging us to accept our own lemons and make our own lemonade.

What’s the Deal With Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning?

Alex, Kirsten, and Jack are back together in Orlando, Florida for the Autism Society Conference. We had a blast at the conference and filmed a TON of AMAZING videos!

Kirsten talks with Dena Gassner about the special challenges that come with being a woman on the spectrum.

Alex and Dr. Robert Naseef gave a talk about fatherhood at the ASA conference. They talk about the uniqueness of the relationship between a father and an individual on the autism spectrum.

Jack and Alex talk with Claire Dumke about executive functioning. This involves learning to drive, keeping track of things, and other great info.

This is the first of 4 episodes that take place at the conference. This is also the first of our new multipart episodes.

(Autism Talk TV – Ep. 16)

Zach’s Oprah Audition

Wheelchair-bound lady magnet Zach, discusses his many talents and idea for a TV show designed to inspire people who never thought they could travel. Join Zach as he globe-trots to some of the most notoriously inaccessible locations and embraces the spontaneous nature of world travel! No matter what the obstacle, he’ll face every bump in the road with a smile. You can come too if you you have an adventurous spirit… and a wig!

Venus Williams Explains Leaving US Open Tennis Tournament due to Sjogren’s Syndrome

“GMA” Exclusive interview focuses on Venus William’s diagnosis of the rare disease that affects 1.3 million people.


A documentary about Helaina, and Costello Syndrome

The 5th Season

Through the four seasons, the photographer Ladislas Kadyszewski follows the course of the illness of her friend Christine Leibivict learning to the age of 27 she is suffering from breast cancer. In 2008, the fifth season is open, out of competition, the first international film festival on breast cancer in Toronto.