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Make your prescriptions matter.

Every time you fill a prescription with Patient Commando, a donation goes to support local health charities.


It’s YOUR money

Canadians spend $30 billion annually on medicine.

Join our mission to help patients redirect $750 million back to the causes that matter to them.

We think that’s important.

Because we’re patients too.

Being a part of this is easy:

1. Transfer your prescription to our online pharmacy partner.

2. Same drug, same, insurance, same price.

3. Get your prescription delivered FREE to your door.

Strengthen your cause.Each prescription filled will contribute directly to support patients.
Patient Owned. Patient Led.Patient group partners are real shareholders in our enterprise.
Never forget to re-order.Automatic refill reminders by email or phone.

“People get donor fatigue being asked for money over and over again. This partnership with Patient Commando provides us with a new source of revenue to support our programs and it doesn’t cost extra for our members to participate.”

Mike Stroh

Executive Director, Starts with Me

See what Starts with Me does for their members.

You can help a patient group that matters to you, just by doing what you’re doing already.

No extra steps, no extra cost.

Before you fill your next prescription, make a choice.

See how easy it is to join the Patient Commando movement.

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