“I’ve lived with chronic illness for over 35 years. And I have a vision for re-imagining the present in order to create a sustainable, compassionate and healthy future for my 2 year old granddaughter.”

Zal Press
Patient Commando

It took over 30 years living with Crohn’s Disease before it really struck me how little people like me participate in the decisions and choices affecting our healthcare.

I ended up wondering what the world of healthcare might look like if the voices of all patients were empowered and their choices supported. What if it was actually operated by patients? How different would that be?

If you’re someone who lives with a chronic health problem that just won’t let go of you, then this is where you belong. This is where you can start to get even.

That’s what’s going on here. Join us. We’re all patients too.

6 Reasons these advocacy groups have earned your support.

Escape from chronic illness can come from the tiniest discovery.

Chronic illness isn’t cheap. Drugs get pricier. Insurance covers less stuff.

Your illness affects everyone. Mom. Dad. Brother. Sister. Kids. They need support too.

Getting care you need from the health care system is confusing and frustrating.

Serious illness can make you feel terribly alone. You’re not.

Have you waited months or years to see a specialist? Suffering doesn’t wait.

You’re the patient voice.

Tell us what you want us to be about.