When you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain and a condition that is managed through medications, you may not feel like you have much of a choice. But you do. Because when you fill a prescription you can choose to support The ILC Chronic Pain and Ehlers Danlos Charitable Foundation.

We think that’s important.

The ILC has partnered with Patient Commando to empower you to support us just by buying the medicines that you already purchase.

Getting started is easy:

1. Create an account with the Patient Commando online partner pharmacy

2. You use the same insurance, get the same products and pay the same price.

3. Your prescriptions are delivered Free to your door anywhere in Canada.

Here’s the difference:

The pharmacy shares a meaningful portion of their profit with The ILC Foundation every time you fill a prescription.

What could this mean for The ILC?

1 in 5 Canadians lives with chronic pain
$210 million spent in 2016 on pain management prescriptions
This could donate over $5,000,000 annually to strengthen organizations like The ILC

“People get donor fatigue being asked for money over and over again. This partnership with Patient Commando provides us with a new source of revenue to support our programs and it doesn’t cost extra for our members to participate.”

Sandy Smeenk

President- The ILC

See what The ILC does for their patients.

Personalized support when you need it.

Speak directly with a Pharmacist by phone
or talk to one of our Peer Advisors

Call 1-855-379-8325

You can help The ILC just by doing what you’re doing already.

No extra steps. No extra cost.


Before you fill your next prescription, make a choice.

Start now to support The ILC. A Patient Commando rep will contact you within 24-hours.

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