The Truth of It: Gill

Gill is a writer and television personality. She is married with three young boys. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42.

Emma Lee Stewart @ Codapop Studios

Emma Lee Stewart visits Codapop Studios to record Cindy Church and Caitlin Hanford’s song “Send Someone For Me”. A special thanks to: Colin MacDonald for the video, Kinley Dowling for gracing the song with her beautiful Violin and Viola playing, Joel Waddell for tracking the song, Andrew Gillis for mixing the song, Mary Stewart for being awesome and of course, to Emma Lee Stewart for being an inspiration to us all.

Freaky stuff, right?

Freaky stuff, right? Scary, awful, heartbreaking, frustrating, I get it totally and sadly I understand. I am so sorry that others have to deal with this. I would never want another person to hear the words………….Cancer. I found the lump in my breast the day our precious son was born, March 16th, 2009. He came 6 weeks early, maybe to save Mommy’s life, at least that is how we look at it. My little angel that keeps me so busy and actually sane, luckily.

The surgery results showed the cancer did not spread to my lymph nodes. Because I have HER2 positive cancer, I had to go to Washington State for a PET/CT scan of my body as an ultrasound had also found spots on my liver and right kidney. I am clear, no more surgeries. Although those first weeks are definitely a haze (especially with a newborn), I recall the fear and anger more than anything. My anger was mostly the time it was taking from the baby (the miracle baby we were told we couldn’t have). I shuffled from test to test in tears as he lay in the upstairs nursery of the same hospital too premature to come [...] continue the story

What Goes Around Comes Back Around?

At 26 years old, I was finishing my last year in law school and ready to really “begin” my adult life. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with stage 3C ER/PR+++ breast cancer that had spread from a small tumor extensively into my lymph nodes. Within a week, I was sitting in the chemotherapy chair. 6 cycles of FEC and Docetaxel later, I had a single mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a tissue expander, followed by 33 radiation treatments. I then had a prophylactic mastectomy along with another tissue expander, and a third surgery to get breast implants. And I was 27.

I struggled greatly to get back on my feet. Last year, when I was 2 years out of treatment on the nose, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer once again, with no primary tumor, on the opposite side, and only in my lymph nodes – but unfortunately in 19 of them. Except this time, the cancer was HER-2+++ and hormone negative. Following a full axillary dissection, I completed 8 cycles of Taxol & Cytoxan, accompanied by a year’s worth of Herceptin every 3 weeks.

And now I wait. I live my life, but I keep a watchful eye. I’ll do the [...] continue the story

Jackie Trusted Her Instincts

After finding a lump in her breast at the age of 28, Jackie Roth knew it was more than a cyst. Trusting her instincts and knowing her body, the young woman persisted to get treatment and overcome breast cancer.

In March 2010 everything changed for Jackie.

She was getting ready for her final push to complete her PhD in genetics when she found a lump in her breast. She was just 28 and was told it was just a cyst and would go away. Even then – in the back of her mind – she thought maybe it was more than a cyst.

She had no real family history of breast cancer. Her grandmother was diagnosed when she was 78 and was treated with radiation. She is now cancer free and doing well at the age of 90. Jackie’s mother had been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer at 48, so Jackie was more concerned about her chances of getting colorectal cancer.

And it’s not like she was unaware of the issues; the area she was researching for her PhD was breast cancer.

When the lump didn’t go away, Jackie went to her obstetrician-gynecologist and was quickly sent to the Jefferson-Honickman Breast Imaging Center to check [...] continue the story