Don’s Story: Living with burns

Meet Don Adamson. He’s 60 years old and lives in Alberta with his son. He was badly burned in a car fire and is now active in the burn survivor community.

Interviewed by CSPA Board member Preet Bhogal

Tell us a bit about your background as a burn survivor. I’ve worked in the aircraft industry as an avionics maintenance engineer for 38 years. In this business, fire safety is at the top of everyone’s mind and I have always been extremely safety conscious. Ironically, one night when I was on the way home my gas tank exploded and I got caught in a car fire.

Fortunately I don’t remember much about the fire. Over 50 per cent of my body was burned to the third degree and my lungs were badly compromised. I was in an induced coma for 20-plus days while the medical staff did their best to keep me alive. After waking up, I spent another three months in hospital undergoing skin grafts and physiotherapy. Once at home, over the next 18 months, I underwent several operations and more physical and occupational therapy.

How’s life these days? Through first-class care and therapy and lots of hard work I have returned to some normalcy of living. I have been able to return to work and am very active within the burn community. I have attended at least five burn conferences in Canada and the [...] continue the story