Ottawa Inner City Health – Saving An Artist From Creative Silence

Photography: Roger Lemoyne

When Dr. Jeff Turnbull found Normee Ekoomiak sleeping under a bridge, the author and textile artist was close to death. Now he’s back to wielding needle and thread and is well enough to leave a hospice program.

For more information on Ottawa Inner City Health:


Address: 5 Myrand Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1N 5N7

Phone: 613 562-4500 | Fax: 613 562-4505

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The Alexandra Community Health Centre

The Alex Community Health Centre in Calgary, Alberta, provides healthcare, counseling, food and community-building services to more than 6,000 people experiencing barriers to health, including many isolated seniors and parents raising children in poverty. They also operate a laundromat.

When they realized that many of their clients had to decide between buying food or doing laundry, they opened the Suds & Savings.

For more information on the Alex, including how to volunteer or donate:


Address: 1318 Centre St. NE Suite 101 Calgary, AB T2E 2R7

Phone: 403-266-2622

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Community Collaboration Provides Seamless Service For A Vulnerable Population

Photography: David Campion

When you are destitute or homeless, good health requires much more than medical care. It can involve a combination of housing, food, addiction, fragile mental or emotional health issues. Negotiating the maze of clinics and agencies that provide help is daunting. In Kelowna, B.C., the frontline workers made a simple decision to solve this problem. They would meet for an hour once a week and collaborate to organize coordinated plans for their clients. The idea was simple and cost-effective, and the results have been impressive. In their first year, Partners in Community Collaboration (PICC) successfully helped 123 people move off the street and into new lives.

For more information on Partners in Community Collaboration, contact:

Address: The Outreach Urban Health Unit Interior Health, Central Okanagan Primary Health Care 455 Leon Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 6J4

Phone: (250) 868-2239

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A Small, Rural Community Rallies Behind Its Healthcare Team

Photography: Roger Lemoyne

Caledonia, Nova Scotia is a small but determined community in the North Queens region. Like other rural towns in Canada, they faced the dual challenges of finding and keeping healthcare practitioners. They had succeeded very well at the first. They had two fulltime doctors and a nurse practitioner, all deeply committed to working and living in the area. The care they provided had become integral to the quality of life in the community, but their working conditions were far from ideal. The doctors worked out of a renovated double-wide trailer and the nurse practitioner worked in a much smaller trailer next door that laced both heat and running water. People throughout the community of Caledonia rallied behind their healthcare team and built a new, state-of-the-art community healthcare centre.

For more information on North Queens Community Health Centre, contact:

Address: North Queens Community Health Centre 1058 Albany Road RR#2 Caledonia, NS B0T 1B0 Phone: 902-682-2662


Visit to learn more about the history of the North Queens Community Health Centre.

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Northern Family Medicine Program in Goose Bay

Photography: Roger Leymone

Dr. Michael Jong is the driving force behind Memorial University’s Northern Family Medicine (NorFam) program in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The program’s intensive, hands-on teaching program and its skill at introducing students to life in a remote location have earned it high praise from graduates and have made Labrador one of the few fully staffed remote locations in the country when it comes to doctors.

For more information visit:


Address: Health Labrador Corporation P.O. Box 7000, Station C Goose Bay, NL A0P 3C0

Phone: 709-897-2103

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