Grief, bardos and Hidden waterfalls

… These things death has taught me. Living and dying has become my first noble truth in that we will all die. This teaching was my first and foremost one embedded in my psyche from the repeated daily sacred drift of being with someone I loved dearly and holding the fires of presence with each minute I was gifted to be in her presence. I have since come to understand that this grace was an act of duty, a pledge to devote my life to the beloved. This her last journey was for eleven months a wondrous memory of being by her side living with her/our cancer. That’s what she called it “ living with Cancer”  not dying with cancer. She did not share my first noble truth. Her truth was love everyone , be happy. So there we were happily dying daily. Eva was my guide into Holy Love. She died on June 19th And honoring her request as her guide for her journey of living with cancer a timeless symphonic work, that sacred drift, I was called after her death to enter deeper and journeyed into reciting the Bardos from the Tibetan Book of the Dead for forty days. As with [...] continue the story