The House of Gort

The House of Gort is the story of a family with two special needs daughters following a medical accident that would forever change their family dynamic.

This piece is lovingly dedicated to my father, Manfred Tatzmann, on his birthday (2012), who has been an advocate for those with special needs and their families my entire life.

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An Illusion

This video sends out the message that a disability is only an illusion because people cannot be defined by the disability they have. There is so much for people to realize beyond one’s condition.

Kevin Salzman-Beyond Borders

Kevin was born with Cerebral Palsy. Doctors said he would have trouble accomplishing anything. Kevin has proven them wrong and graduated from University and now has major goals for the future.

Living Actively As A Family

This video looks at Riley: (a 15 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy) and everything her and her family do together, with a montage of their home videos and photos.

For Good

For Good was made some thirty years ago. It is a documentary without commentary and features Angie, Helen and Geoff, who were all born with cerebral palsy. We see their daily triumphs and frustrations and hear them describe, with some humour, living in “an able-bodied world”. When the film was televised in the UK, it was the first time that people with speech disabilities had been allowed to “speak for themselves on national television”. In the last 30 years, some things have changed for the better for disabled people but, still, in the words of Angie, “I’ve always said that it’s society that makes you handicapped, not your disability.” Since this film was made, Angie and her husband raised a son, now 26 years old and a 6-foot-tall rugby player. Tragically, her husband, Tony, died five years ago in an accident. She now runs her own consultancy company, advising disabled people on independent living. Geoff has been awarded an O.B.E. and Helen has gained a degree.