Warning Pains, Coumadin, and Recovery

It was the best week of skiing I had had all season. The Wasatch had accumulated 24+ inches of Utah’s finest and I was LOVING life. I was unemployed, going to school twice a week and had plenty of time and friends to do what I do best; stomp into my skis and hit the mountains with a smile on my face. I got freshies at Solitude, toured up Big Cottonwood and skied Powder Mountain with a good friend.

Top of James Peak 9422′ As I hiked I started to feel a weird pinch on my right side under my rib cage. The sensation caused me to pause for a moment or two to wonder what it was, but I continued slogging, thinking nothing of it. A small cliff with wet snow made me crash once on the descent, but even that didn’t seem like a big deal. We skied until close and drove home sunburned and happy.

I tossed and turned all night. The side I usually slept on felt oddly uncomfortable and I woke continuously to roll to my other side. As my feet hit the floor the next morning, I knew something was up. Pain shot up my right side, [...] continue the story