Other Side

By Daniel Cleghorn and Iain Chisholm

Medium used: Steel – Hanging requirements: wall mount is to be screwed in 43 inches from the ground. The bottom of the sculpture should be three feet from the ground. This is relational to Iain’s abdomen and part of the piece.

Artist Biography

Born in Alberta, and raised between the small towns of Rocky Ford AB, Powell River BC and the city of Calgary AB. My work reflects from the contrast of the two cultures: small town for its community based and empathic value, and city life for its large scale and minimalist style. Currently enrolled at the Alberta College of Art + Design in my third year, as a sculpture major. The undertone of my work is based on the idea of empathy and creating a catalyst for thought and communications between the viewers.

Using the artist’s words, summarize the artwork and how they feel it reflects the patient’s moment of meaning

Talking to Iain about the “moment of meaning” he couldn’t pinpoint one. He just took the Crohn’s as it came, in stride, which was my inspiration. The size and height of the piece is that of Iain’s abdomen to make unique to Iain and his condition. [...] continue the story


By Zakhari Halas

Medium used: Watercolor and pencil crayon

Artist Biography

Zak Halas an Illustrator and Designer studying at the Alberta College of Art and Design. His practice mainly focusses on comics, illustrated books, and other forms of narrative art. Film and film theory influence much of his work, drawing upon his four years of experience in the Film Studies program at Concordia University in Montreal. He is currently in the process of writing and drawing his own graphic novel, and is spending his time at school experimenting with a variety of media and styles.

Using the artist’s words, summarize the artwork and how they feel it reflects the patient’s moment of meaning

For this piece I wanted to explore the emotional effects that inflammatory diseases had on my conversation partner. Our interview revealed that it was during his childhood that he felt the most impact from these maladies, and I felt that this would be an excellent focal point for the project. I was particularly drawn to the invasive nature that his initial care had. There was a sense of claustrophobia, and a desire for normalcy in his described experiences. I wanted to show that these diseases presented an overwhelming unknown presence to a [...] continue the story

Trapped Within

By Micaela Blondin de Boer

Medium used: Digital

Artist Biography

Micaela is in her final year of study at the Alberta College of Art and Design in the Character Design program. Dramatic costuming and fantasy environments influence her; so much of her art reflects her imagination. She is passionate about writing and focuses her art and design on novels she is working on. Micaela is passionate about creating traditional looking paintings through digital mediums.

Using the artist’s words, summarize the artwork and how they feel it reflects the patient’s moment of meaning

The overall feeling I got from her was her sense of loss and loneliness that came with coping with psoriasis. Remaining isolated from those who do not understand the disease; she was, in a sense, trapped within her home and her body. There were many years that she gave up, and a prevailing sadness and depression became the norm. The inability to speak openly about psoriasis without fear of judgment hampered her ability to maintain connections and feel free from her disease.

Using the artist’s words, describe how they felt about this experience

‘Trapped Within’ is a visual representation of her feelings towards her psoriasis and the experience she had with the disease. The bands [...] continue the story

Jordyn’s story

At the age of 12, Jordyn Shapiro was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Her symptoms were chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, gas attacks, vomiting, fevers, skin rashes, anemia and indolent sores in her mouth. She had lost 30 pounds in 6 months and had stopped growing resulting in a 2-year growth delay as well as a failure of normal teeth development.

At the beginning of treatment, she was prescribed steroids and chemotherapy medication that she willingly took for one year, despite the fact that she showed no improvement at all. Her condition worsened, and, to make matters worse, her hair began to fall out. She had missed 60 days of school and was now becoming reclusive.

Jordyn had been admitted to the hospital several times for dehydration and after her last hospitalization she was recommended to a clinical nutritionist, Dr. Melvyn Grovit. Dr. Grovit was keenly aware of Jordyn’s plight, as he himself had experienced the ravages of Crohn’s disease as a child. Dr. Grovit had developed a nutrition protocol over the past 30 years and introduced it to Jordyn. Dr. Grovit then teamed up with Dr. Alfred Slonim, Jordyn’s endocrinologist, who had also been working with Crohn’s disease patients from a growth [...] continue the story

Am I addicted?

Posted on December 2, 2013

Since being diagnosed over 6 years ago I have become very blasé about “popping” pills. There have been times in my treatment when I have been taking 12 pills before I had even had my morning wash. I guess I tried to be as ignorant as possible to what I was taking in a blind hope that they would offer some relief from my Crohn’s Disease symptoms. No matter what my ailment, there always seemed to be an extra pill that could be taken.

Even now that I am more educated to what the medications do and how they work, it doesn’t stop me dropping a pill a soon as something doesn’t feel quite right.

If I feel nauseous I take a pill, if I get a headache I take a pill and if my tummy shows any sign of not being in any way cooperative then I will take a pill.

It is not until you make a conscious effort to monitor or restrict the amount of medication you take that you begin to notice just the quantity of medication you are reliant on.

Alongside my Mercaptopurine I was regularly taking a dose of Imodium and paracetamol. It had [...] continue the story