Camden’s Story

I’m often asked what a typical day is like when you have a child with autism. My son Camden is full of life, full of challenges and full of excitement. He is non-verbal, needs significant assistance and has several medical issues. So, while there are schedules to our days, a day is never typical. There are good days and bad days, and I’ve learned that simply building more good days is the best goal.

On a good day, we conquer our world together. Good days usually start when we both have had enough sleep (there’s probably a research study out there confirming my theory, but I don’t need to see it to know that sleep is key). Schedules work, pictures are used and we both see minute-by- minute successes. Camden eats his breakfast and helps clean the kitchen. There is lots of running outdoors. Smiles and giggles are mixed with a determination to get that awful work task (in his opinion) done, so he can get computer time. We go to bed exhausted, but tired is a really nice feeling after a good day.

A bad day is when I don’t have enough reserves to help him through the day. It may [...] continue the story

Beyond the Light

Guitarist and music teacher Kyaw Kyaw has been blind since birth. In “Beyond the Light”, he talks candidly about his life and his perceptions of the world around him. Blind since birth, he talks of his despair at life, and how taking up the guitar brought him salvation.