Diabetes Art Day 2013

February 4th, by Virtue

During this year’s Winter Slipstream we offered more indoor sessions than we have in the past. One of the indoor activities available this year was to put something together for Diabetes Art Day. Lee Ann, the founder of Diabetes Art Day, describes the purpose of the day as follows: Diabetes Art Day is a web-based initiative for the Diabetes Online Community to “tell a story” about life with diabetes though creative visual expression. It’s a way for us to tell our stories so we can connect and share with each other and with our loved ones. It’s a way to generate diabetes awareness outside of the DOC [Diabetes Online Community] by sharing artwork on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and community websites… Whether you have lots of experience making art or none at all, Diabetes Art Day is for you to show the world what it’s like to live with diabetes in that “a picture is worth 1000 words” kind of way. Unfortunately, such eloquent words escaped me while introducing the session, and after giving a general description of the origins of Diabetes Art Day I summed it up as: “Basically, it’s a space where you can beat the shit out [...] continue the story