We Pray for the Day the Government Will Get Involved

By: Elizabeth Ragui, Kenya

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2004. This experience changed my life. After completing my treatments, I wanted to know more about cancer so I could tell others about prevention, detection and treatment. Although I was not illiterate, I did not know and had not done very much in regard to Self Breast Examination. Therefore, I decided to use my experience to educate the public-especially women-about breast cancer. Within a year, I was trained by Reach to Recovery International (RRI) as a volunteer in breast cancer support. This enhanced my skills and was an eye opener on how much I could do for those affected. I helped them to live a quality life by accepting their new status, overcoming the challenge and regaining self esteem. Breast cancer support was not enough. I wanted to educate the general public about this issue. In a culture where cancer is associated with witchcraft, I set forth to demystify the disease through cancer awareness. It soon occurred to me to address other types of cancer, especially cervical and prostate. Along with other breast cancer survivors, I registered Reach to Recovery Kenya which is affiliated with RRI [...] continue the story