Chordoma, Diet, Optimism and Star Trek

Star Trek’s premiere in 1966 coincided with my high school years and I, Sally G, have been a fan of Roddenberry’s vision ever since. As a freshman in New York City, two friends and I laboured for months writing a script for the original Star Trek. “Trek Sisters” 1969.

Our script was accepted by Gene Rodenberry (we have his signed receipt!)… just before the whole series was cancelled. Our dreams were shattered but the fan adoration lived on!

I moved to Toronto in 1974 after finishing graduate school and, through my entire career, I found that Star Trek brought people together who perhaps would not normally socialize.

Common ideals and philosophical perspectives crossed over perceived racial, ethnic, gender, religious, age and other social boundaries. I found fellow Trekkies everywhere: in my work and in a tech-focused discussion group I led for nearly a decade on weekend mornings at the McLuhan Coach House in Toronto.

Back in New York, not far from where I had lived in the 1960s in Manhattan, another youngster, named John R. Adler was also inspired by the show. John would be starting his extraordinary medical career at Harvard just a few years after Star Trek was syndicated. In 1987, John [...] continue the story

Blueprint for a Cancer Free Life?

By Kristen Knott

Written January 4, 2014

I have spent the last few days with my nose in a book. This is not unlike me as I have always been a bit of a bulimic reader. I can lose myself in a good book and ignore the world around me and then when I am done I need some time before I can commit to losing myself in another. The binge/purge cycle ensues. I enjoy marinating in what I have just read, especially when it involves an intriguing character or new world, or country. I felt ready to read about cancer, or better put, books on how to keep cancer at bay. What is different about reading these books is that they have not provided me with that feeling of satisfaction or sense of escape, in fact they have left me unsettled.

Clearly there is not a simple blueprint for remaining cancer free and there seems to be a plethora of experts on living a cancer free life. (I am also learning that even people in my life have advice on warding off cancer.) What I truly know though is that being healthy, truly healthy that is, will be a life changing endeavor [...] continue the story

Growing up with Crohn’s

Published on May 8, 2012 by SCDPat

My life prior to being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and how I managed while growing up. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

TEDxEast – Ari Meisel Takes on Crohn’s Disease

May 9, 2011 Ari Meisel trains his body to conquer Crohn’s disease.