In Rachel’s Own Words…

By Brooke Hasch October 26, 2011

A former world-class ballerina is facing a life and death situation. Rachel Phillips and her husband Steven have ties to the Tri-States, but for the last few years have spent most of their days in a Vermont hospital.

Rachel suffers from a rare degenerative, and in her case, deadly illness.

From the Royal Ballet in London to the Kirav in St. Petersburg Russia, Rachel Phillips has gone toe to toe with some of the world’s best dancers. About three years ago, a life threatening illness stripped her of her ballerina title.

“We met at a conference. This young ballerina did this incredible leap in front of me during a dance presentation, and I couldn’t believe she was off the floor about 50 inches. She landed and turned and smiled at me,” said Steven Phillips, her husband of 13 years.

Three years ago, Rachel began suffering from a constant headache, unbearable aches and pains throughout her entire body and cough that wouldn’t stop.

“I’ve seen her cough for 3-days straight, night and day. Nobody could explain it, and finally we began seeing specialists to tell us what the problem was,” said Steven Phillips.

Doctors diagnosed Rachel with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, or EDS. It’s a [...] continue the story