Ethan’s Butterflies

A Spiritual Book For Parents and Young Children After the Loss of a Baby When a baby dies one of the first concerns a parent has is the impact this loss has on their young living children. It is difficult to know what to say or how to talk about the death of a long-awaited sibling. Ethan’s Butterflies provides a way for parents and professionals to connect with young children who experience the loss of a sibling. This story is written from a young child’s perspective and told by a pink elephant named Emma. Emma describes her deep sadness, anger and fears and poses many questions that children often raise. Emma shows how she and her family learn to live with the loss her baby brother Ethan and how they continue to connect with him in many ways, one of which is a butterfly and another is love.

Excerpts from the book …”One day Momma was very sad and crying. Edgar and I wondered what was wrong? We were scared. Momma and Dadda told us that Ethan died. He was not breathing and his heart was not beating. We looked at our brother Ethan and touched his cold skin. He looked like he [...] continue the story