Parkyman’s Story

By Parkyman

My own experience of Parkinson’s disease began at an early age. Maybe even at birth. My Grandfather had been on the Somme in 1916 and was caught in a massive shell blast. To cut a long story short, he was invalided out and sent home. He was diagnosed with a myriad of neurological disorders including, in 1925, Parkinson’s. It’s a sobering thought, that he received no dedicated treatment until the start of the NHS in 1948.

My Father, from the age of eight, along with my Grandmother, were on permanent “suicide watch”, and my father was often called out of school to run down to the local station and along the railway lines to take my Granddad home.  Now the problems we have had with my own Father and maybe even some of the wider problems in the Family, can, I believe be attributed to the trauma suffered by him during those awful days.

My earliest recollection of the disease, was when we had been on a visit to my Grandparents. I had got used to his shuffling gait and his mask of a face, but I whispered to my mum, “What`s wrong with Granddad , Mum?” and she whispered back, [...] continue the story