Houston, I have a problem

I went down to Houston two weeks ago or my annual visit with my endocrinologist down there who tests me every year for my hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. Canada does not accept the T3 and T4 hormone levels for “normal” that are accepted in the US so millions of Canadians are walking around thinking their thyroid levels are normal when in fact they are either high or low. As a result, I have my dosages adjusted by Dr. Arem in Houston plus he prescribes bioidentical T3 supplementation that is unavailable in Canada. I recently applied to OHIP to cover the blood work and consultation in the US, which they denied.

If I had not gone to Houston, I would not have found out last week that I now have a new health problem – hypercalcemia and parathyroidism. Calcium is being leached from my bones and spilling into my blood stream due to non-cancerous tumours on my parathyroid glands which sit behind the thyroid, which is causing me no end of symptoms that I associated with my primary thyroid problem.

All this to say that if it were not for going to Houston and paying $3K out of my own [...] continue the story