Simple Steps

My mother shivered when she found out I had to be vaccinated at a hospital outpatient center, since the vaccination was only available at that hospital at that time. It was a vaccination required by the student health center at my university. “I’m sure it’ll be okay,” I assured her. “Plus, it would be another nurse who will perform the vaccination, so there is a chance she knows how to sanitize properly.”  My mother wrinkled her nose and said, “I’m coming with you to the hospital just to be sure.” After we checked in with the receptionist, my mother and I were asked to be seated. As we waited, I imagined the basic steps the nurse would have to do in order to perform a proper vaccination. Change the gloves or don’t wear gloves at all. Disinfect the area that will be vaccinated with cotton balls soaked in 75% alcohol. Perform the vaccination. Cover and press the area with another soaked cotton ball. Wait for several minutes and place a sterilized bandage on the wound. While the steps may sound easy, it’s no wonder how many medical professionals often forget the simplest steps. “Hello. I’m your nurse today, and I’ll be performing the vaccination,” [...] continue the story

West Nile Virus

Don Read, M.D. discusses the dangers of West Nile Virus infection, prevention, and aerial spraying for mosquitoes with Dr. Dan McCoy from the Dallas County Medical Society.