Back on the floor

Feb 19, 2011

An amazing and heart warming story of hope in Haiti. Watch George, a 28 year old dancer, as he regains his life after he was severly injured in the earthquake and following a long rehabilitation process in Israel and Haiti.

Speaking Without Words

Ronen Razieli, a member of Israel’s special police unit, was shot in the head during a counter terror operation in 1993. Comatose for 6 months, his brain injury left him permanently paralyzed and wheelchair bound with impaired communication and general function. This story follows his journey of rehabilitation, relationships and impact on those closest to him, and recovery of quality of life.

Addendum: In 2008, Ronen married his long time soul mate Marylou and a year later she gave birth to their son Alon.

My Sacred Loss

By Jackie Barzely January 2, 2010

I’m no longer allowed those precious moments Of awakening to each new day And for that splinter of time Greeting the morning “Parkinson’s free” Before my body alerts my brain And the daily battle starts again That little window Of hope and sanity now inaccessible to me Once again testing my faith and strength For now leaving me in the lurch And searching for another Fragile branch On the “tree of life” To cling onto.

Jonathan a Different Child

Two parents cope with raising an autistic child. The film describes their struggle, their daily efforts, their doubts and also their great love for Jonathan – a beautiful child who touches one’s heart. Yossi Mar Haim and Michal Ne’eman, two acclaimed Israeli artists, whose work – he is a musician, she is a painter – was their whole life till the birth of their only son. Today, their son, Jonathan, arranges the order of their lives and they devote every single minute of each day to him. They are both in their fifties. They will not have another child. The investment in Jonathan appears to mainly be a Sisyphean act but despite this, they battle the problem with a huge investment in time and try every method of which they hear, but at the same time view the situation realistically. Yossi and Michal’s fears and inevitable feelings of guilt are boldly portrayed.