It’s All About Control

10 ways to maintain a sense of Control with a chronic illness

It’s easier to cope with chronic illness if you feel that you have some control over your life and your health. Feeling that everything is just spinning away from you makes life more difficult. Here are my first and best so far ideas. More suggestions are always welcome for a list like this. Please leave them in the comments. We all love to hear tips.

With chronic illness you are forced to be your health manager so it is up to you to gather information and to make better decisions. You need to learn skills for this complex task as you go along, because the days of good health and no worries are behind you, though there is always the hope of having them return. As you go along you will find a management style you are comfortable with.

The first suggestion I would make is to join an online group or community.  They can be a great source of information and encouragement.  It’s harder to find a physical real-time group than one that is on-line. It is also easier to spare the time for online efforts. Yahoo has a more old-school [...] continue the story

Hospital Start to Finish | Part 1

By Sean McDermott

1. Through the Emergency Doors

Heading down to emergency is no easy matter. The time is of the utmost importance if you have a couple of hours to play with. Arriving on a weekday evening around 7 pm is not recommended since all slips and falls and construction accidents and pending stitches and the odd fierce flu is sitting there in the emergency waiting room, moaning about how long it is taking and peering through the mystery doors as they swing open and close again. Depending on the hospital and the length of its halls around “emerg” don’t be surprised to see the elderly, hooked to ECGs and remaining relatively quiet, parked waiting for admittance to what is only the first stage of a tiring evening. Arriving on Friday or Saturday night near midnight is out of the question because barfight stragglers and anyone arrested who has gotten hurt in the process stares at you as you sign in, and continues yelling at the Police Officers who nabbed them and the Nurses who firmly remind the inebriated to stop singing that 70’s Rock classic and no you can’t smoke in here.

I prefer to try and hold out til the [...] continue the story