A Sign of Strength

In my house, men are supposed to maintain a stiff upper lip in difficult times. Wet eyes were a sign of weakness.  However, it was OK to cheer for the athlete that shows a little emotion when he wins a major sporting event.  Wet eyes show that they genuinely care about what they are doing.  Tears during the national anthem of a medal ceremony are like a “perspiration of pride” from eyes that have seen the culmination of years of hard work.  To me, that is when it was acceptable for guys to show a little emotion.  After a brush with my mortality, I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  The celebrations are great and are easy to express my excitement, but in the same token it is much easier now to make my eyes water.  It confuses me.  Occasionally, stories of the heart that never would have affected me before my surgery now make me turn away, grab some tissues, and complain about my eyes watering from my “allergies.”  I’m still not comfortable with those “allergy attacks.”  I remember the first time it happened.  It was at my first lecture. I was telling a detailed account of what I [...] continue the story