The Importance of Transforming My Mind

By: Jean Lee , Taiwan

Fourteen years ago, I got cancer. Due to mistaken diagnosis, my breast cancer was already in phase II when it was confirmed. I had total resection and chemotherapy nine times. My husband told me, “You are the pillar of our home. If you are happy, the whole family will be happy!” This encouraged me to put my sadness away and face my fears. I chose to forgive my doctor for the misdiagnosis and worked voluntarily to serve other cancer patients in the hospital. When everything seemed back to normal, I got a more severe test. Five years later, my cancer transferred to my bones and the doctor warned me that I could be paralyzed. So, I accepted another 17 radiation treatments. After 6 months, the cancer transferred to my neck lymph, liver, etc. and I began living with a series of chemotherapies. Three years ago, in a fortuitous opportunity, I went to the “Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association”, a daycare center with volunteers to accompany cancer patients every day. We practiced whirling meditation exercises, attended a support group, and took part in body-mind-spiritual classes in the center. I felt so good to be a member [...] continue the story