Curb Your Enthusiasm – Larry confronts Michael J. Fox (Season 8 Ep. 10)

Larry doesn’t believe that everything Michael J. Fox does is because of his Parkinson’s.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Larry and Michael J. Fox (Season 8 Ep. 10)

Larry talks to Michael J. Fox about his Parkinson’s, his fascination with Hitler’s mustache, and is rewarded with an exploding soft drink bottle.

Deaf Like Me

This video is about misconceptions with people who have disabilities and subverts those misconceptions in a humorous way… because people with disabilities are people too.

A Black And White Rainbow

As a young and passionate painter, Madhav is well known and successful for his art in the field. He is living a great life with his wife and is immersed in colours all the time. One fine day, a freaky accident changes his life forever. He damages a part of his brains and loses his color perception. All he could see is black and white…. What does he do? How does he cope with the agony, pain? “A Black and White Rainbow” is a journey filled with unexperienced paths, pains, agony, happiness….