There Is Beauty In Darkness

By redcurls November 28, 2011

When I was diagnosed with MS I had lost most of the vision in one eye with Optic Neuritis and the dizziness was frightening having to drive on a busy highway each day to work. There were times I couldn’t tell if my car had stopped or not and working with abused mothers and their children I was always afraid of running over a child coming or going from my office. I got my sight back but started a long relapsing and remitting, in and out of the hospital experience. I had been very active in writing and illustrating my stories for the children that I worked with. I taught art classes to encourage their creativity. I had begun getting ready for my own art showing but felt like I would never be able to paint or sketch again. I went to sleep with tears, I had closed the door to my art studio with paintings half finished. I couldn’t handle the small details of my painting anymore. I dreamed that I saw myself painting and I was painting to music …it was SO REAL. I awoke and went into my studio at midnight and took out [...] continue the story

Dancing With Parkinson’s

Dancing with Parkinson’s open house for friends and family December 2010.


Take One Minute – Music – Episode 4

Music moves me. I love everything from Faure’s Requiem to The Clash, and best of all cheesy disco. I have rhythm and I can dance!

Oh yes I still can. But with PD music is so much more than it’s uplifting, motivating it can help you to escape. And it has saved me when I needed it most. We can all find a place for it in our lives. Remember the first album you bought, running to catch top of the pops. And that pull out poster of David Essex!

From today try this if your spirits are low – play something you love loud, drown out the world and enjoy!

Colleen Henderson-Heywood October 11, 2010

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