Tom’s Story

My name is Tom and my journey began in December 2008 at age 31. Testicular cancer claimed me, as it does every year to about 50,000 men worldwide (including 7,400 Americans) between the ages of 15 and 35.

Like most guys, I always used to avoid the doctor’s office. A few years ago when I broke my foot, I even waited four months before seeing a doctor. I was “tough”, or rather, a total fool to have delayed so long. Fortunately, I was blessed when discovering my cancer. I experienced unbearable, intense pain in one of my testicles, up into the nerves of my back; pain is rarely a warning of testicular cancer. It was impossible to be tough and not listen to my body this time. And that pain may have saved my life; the cancer had begun to spread beyond the initial tumor, but no other tumors existed – yet. With the type of aggressive tumor cell discovered, it was likely to spread quickly.

Normal life came to a halt, with immediate surgery followed by several months of intense chemotherapy treatment. Remission became the best birthday gift I will probably ever receive, delivered by one of the angelic nurses while [...] continue the story