Finding an MS Voice for Patient Centred Education

By Chrystal Gomes

As an introverted and painfully shy person until my late 20’s – I often couldn’t find my voice. I spent my late teens and 20’s working, traveling and speaking just a little more often, while still unsure of serious future goals. At the age of 28, I finally realized I wanted to pursue a career in hotel and convention management, and my life was now filled with hope and excitement.

I had completed my first year of the three-year hospitality program, when I suddenly became seriously ill. Following a horrible headache that had me praying for death because nothing would relieve the pain, I developed double vision, my speech became slurred and completely garbled. I lost all hand coordination, and I couldn’t walk without help… to name a few of my many symptoms.

My parents naturally first thought…that I had started drinking. I sought medical help, and was subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I shared this news with my parents and…we all started drinking.

I was diagnosed by a specialist who told me I had Multiple Sclerosis, then promptly left my hospital room without another word. This was the first time that the absence of adequate communication left me gutted. [...] continue the story

The Executive View – Winnie Doyle

What does “Executive” really mean in the context of the delivery of care?

At St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Winnie Doyle holds three executive positions. She is the Vice-President Patient Services, Chief Nursing Executive, and Senior Vice-President for Acute Care and Chronic Disease Management.

And she’s also an award-winning teacher recently being awarded the 2012 John C. Sibley Award from the McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences. The award is presented annually to part-time faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to the education of health professionals.

As packed as her executive agenda is, Winnie Doyle has a clear vision of the central driver of her philosophy of care. At the one minute mark of this clip she reveals what “executive” means in the context of providing care.