The Black & White of Prostate Cancer







Last week I went to a remarkable photo exhibition presented by PhotoSensitive and Prostate Cancer Canada. TIEd Together is a black-and-white multimedia exhibition that honours Canadians’ experiences with prostate cancer.

PhotoSensitive is a non-profit group of photographers whose mission is “to harness the power of the camera to achieve social goals…They believe an excellent photograph has the potential to effect social change, to make a difference, to expand a viewer’s field of vision.”

By exploring the experience of living with a life threatening illness PhotoSensitive opens a dialogue about difficult topics, creating communities of common experience, and exposing stories that would otherwise go unheard. They prove that creative expression through photography can have a social impact.

Its not evident enough in the exhibit that prostate cancer isn’t an old man’s disease. There’s only a few examples of young men like swim champ Alex Baumann and CBC Dragon Den star Brett Wilson who are in their forties.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but my personal favourite is this one of a father and son. It’s so hopeful and speaks to the inclusiveness of the dad, the respect he has for his son, and the strong bond of shared honesty between the two. It [...] continue the story

I Have a Dream

By Jo Collinge

This blog was originally posted in February 2011 shortly after I took early retirement due to ill health from a career in banking spanning 23 years. It is one of my personal favourites, and I hope you enjoy it too…..

Having woken at 3:00 am in pain with my neck and shoulders, I have found it impossible to get back to sleep, and after an hour of tossing and turning have decided to get up and write about something that has been on my “blog log” (where I keep a record of my ideas) for quite a few weeks. The reason for my inability to get back to sleep is not just pain (although that has a lot to do with it sadly), but also worry over my younger daughter. It has been a really tough week for the Collinge family, as she was physically attacked by another child, for the third time, and we have found it necessary to remove her to another school for her own personal safety. I am only thankful there was no permanent physical injury done. But to say that I am disappointed that we have had to take such action is an understatement [...] continue the story

We Laughed

Billy Bragg and Maxine Edgington’s No 11 hit song sung by Helena. In Maxine’s moving words: a mother and daughter come to terms with Mum’s life-threatening illness and recall what made them laugh together….

Life is a Game

Watch Taja’s fantastic rap. Wheelchair football is liberating for football-loving boys and young men with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and other disabling conditions. And it brings a whole new level of meaning to the beautiful game. Accompanied by musicians from the CBSO and a choir from Joseph Leckie Community College in Walsall that features Taja’s amazing rap, Bradley tells it how it is. A Rosetta Life Acorns Hospice collaboration.

24 Things that would Really Help!

24 Things you should know about people living with terminal illness.