Kathy’s Hope

By Kathryn Cooke

Medium used: Mixed medium – found wood objects, natural dyed fiber, hand stitched dolls, ink drawings

Artist Biography

I have lived much of my adult life in Canmore a small town on the eastern edge of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I will graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Arts in April 2014. This follows a Bachelor of Science and a Medical Degree with a specialty in Pediatrics. I have been a practicing pediatrician for twenty-four years but have chosen to expand my mind and spirit by formally pursuing a study of fine arts. I am a material based artist with an emphasis on the tactile and the touch connecting the body to the mind and ultimately if the heart is open, to the spirit.

Using the artist’s words, summarize the artwork and how they feel it reflects the patient’s moment of meaning

Kathy’s Hope is a soft mixed medium sculpture, with an intense bodily feel. There is a narrative describing the relationship between a mother with distortions and limited mobility due to her illness of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and her daughter who is youthfully energetic. Their bond is natural and strong and carries them forth despite [...] continue the story

Me and you Forever, and ever and ever

By Matthew Ng

Medium used: Mixed media

Artist Biography

My practice is characterized by experimentation and challenging the authority which is restriction. I wish to make clear what is restrictive. I believe that humans have a natural tendency to avoid restriction, and by understanding it people can then stay away from it. My goal is to make the world a better place through art, because I believe art has that inherent power. How we tap into that power and how potent it can be is still the one question I explore every day.

Using the artist’s words, summarize the artwork and how they feel it reflects the patient’s moment of meaning

To go through the experience of having an IMID an individual becomes unable to have a regular social life. The side effects may include tiredness, pains and cramps. With this project I tried to represent the death of the individual by creating a memorial monument and surrounding it with flowers. The disease is like an obsessive shadow figure that never leaves you. Its psychosis is undeniable and its mark never leaves you! The burn marks “Me and you Forever” represents the scars left by the disease.

Using the artist’s words, describe how they felt about [...] continue the story

My Disease In Disguise

By Birgitte Christens

COUNTRY: Denmark

DISEASE: Crohn’s Disease

FORMAT: Sculpture


The artwork illustrates the affected intestines of the patient through shower tubes which we associate with private/intimate bathing habits. The shower tubes carry water in the same way that our intestines carry food and liquids through the body. The tubes close up if they get calcified or form knots.

The metallic intestines have been fitted with ceramic objects showing the stenosis the patient suffers from. The ceramic has red and yellow shared to show the inflammation of the intestines. The ceramic pieces are placed on a hanger, representing the body. We clean our body on the outside, just like we clean our clothes, to appear nice and healthy. Patients with Crohn’s Disease are ill on the inside, and our eyes cannot see it. The hanger is therefore placed in a stand with a transparent plastic bag over it, just like in a dry-cleaning shop, enabling the spectator to see the disease.

The empty bags represent healthy bodies; they don’t feel their intestines and these are therefore shown to be invisible. Some of the ceramic objects carry imprints of elegant lingerie as a contrast to the symptoms of Crohn’s, which include uncontrollable bowel movements and foul [...] continue the story

Nothing But Strength

By Lizzie Carr

Medium used: Charcoal on ANW paper

Artist Biography

Lizzie Carr is an internationally exhibited painter, independent curator, and published writer, studying at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Carr is in her final year of study at the college as a Painting Major. Carr is originally from London, England, United Kingdom, and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Using the artist’s words, summarize the artwork and how they feel it reflects the patient’s moment of meaning

My initial idea going into this project was to create a very large, very detailed, and very emotional portrait of the person paired with me. However, the expression I was looking to depict involved sadness, defeat and solitude. After meeting with her, it was impossible for me to do this, because this amazing woman was anything but; she was nothing but strength. With this charcoal drawing I hope to portray the true essence of this inspiring woman I met. Though she has struggled in life, she has come out the other side strong, proud and all the more experienced for going through what she has. When posing for the photographic reference, I asked her to recall the moment she decided not to give up and [...] continue the story

Dying… Woke Up To Life Again

By Wafaa Salameh


DISEASE: Crohn’s Disease

FORMAT: Painting


I conducted interviews with a Crohn’s Disease patient. She described her day to day life and how she used to live and adapt to her case. I took some notes and utilized them for conducting research. I was eager to learn more about the disease, to understand the patient’s journey.


“The portrait is a translation of my story; I am a female Crohn’s Disease patient who has reached rock bottom due to my illness; I almost reached death. I used to say goodbye to life, to people around me… until I was given help. I started to flow to the surface again, I crossed from darkness to light, leaving behind me all the pain and suffering which used to be my shadow.”

About Perspectives

‘Perspectives – Art, Inflammation and Me’ is an initiative that brings together more than 200 artists with patients in more than 40 countries. Together, they have created a series of paintings, sculptures, photos and other artistic expressions that vividly depict — and help others understand — the impact of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs). Inspired by patients’ stories, independent artists and students from a number of art universities created each piece to help [...] continue the story