My Wish

My 46th birthday was approaching and just as we habitually change our smoke detector batteries on New Year’s, I made it a ritual that I have my yearly physical near my birthday, although there was one aspect of the visit that always made me forget my birthday. In fact, I had now been more than 3 years since my last physical. My decision to visit my GP was not planned other than the fact that he was away and I would be spared the usual rhetoric that comes from your usual physician. Now do not get me wrong, he is more than a master at his profession, I just figured I needed a visual change and some fresh air. Well fresh it was, as I entered the patient room I was soon greeted by his replacement, a recent graduate of UBC Medical School. In fact, I was her 3rd patient. Well if looks could kill. I should have died on the spot. After some discussion regarding my medical past, my focus had shifted and I soon put my first impression aside and focused on the purpose of the visit.

Having been on hypertension medication for over 30 years, it was decided [...] continue the story