Birthing Plan

After our daughter Regan was diagnosed with Full Trisomy 18 at twenty weeks our lives completely changed forever. The emotions you experience are unexplainable – even to your partner who is going through the same thing. I had been pretty lucky throughout my whole life to manage every challenge I was given. Well, that hot day in July proved to be the end of the control that I thought I had over my life. Here we were receiving the most precious gift two people could ever hope for, and she was going to be taken back. This was inconceivable for a control freak like me. I once told my husband that getting a diagnosis of Trisomy 18 was similar to being told your child has an incurable Stage IV cancer. You don’t know how long you will have this child, and you have to choose how you are going to embrace the time that you do have. There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to deciding what is best for your child because it was all done out of love. Every choice you make following this diagnosis is what is right for your family and your child.

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