My week: Pity Party, Burst of Energy, Chemo, and then Thanksgiving!

By Kristen Knott

Written Wednesday October 9 @ 11:40 pm

These past few days have felt a little like an emotional roller coaster. Monday I realized I was finally kicking a bad sinus cold that hit me hard this entire cycle. However, layer in hot flashes and hormones, from what I believe is chemo induced menopause, and you have a ‘pity party’ for one. I allowed myself to embrace the melancholy feelings. I watched a few other breast cancer patient videos from the patient commando website and I cried. I find comfort in seeing and hearing other women’s’ experiences but it is highly emotional for me. It is still very raw and fresh to me. I also read emails and texts from people who have read my patient commando posts. It made me realize how others react to my experience and that also impacted me. I was moved deeply.

Glad that after marinating in a bit of pity and blues, the next day I felt full of energy. I felt normal. I shared that day with a friend that I truly believed that in the near future historians would write about this century and refer [...] continue the story