Take One Minute – Better the Devil You Know – Ep. 1

Better the Devil… Its easy to take your body for granted and especially if you are anything like me and have never been that interested in your physical self compared with your mental one.

So when odd things started to happen back in 2004/5 it never occurred to me that I would be faced with living with an incurable degenerative condition.

It took nine months for the answer to come and with it came some relief…as you will see.

Colleen Henderson-Heywood August 16, 2010

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Take One Minute – Only One Bad Day – Episode 2

I found it useful to tell people straight away, I didn’t then have to worry about explaining the changes in me every time I saw my friends. It also in someway helped me to find acceptance, by repeating the situation over and over made it real, made it sink in and made me face up to it. Without this acceptance I believe it would be hard to move on. If you are struggling I also found it extremely useful to write my ‘story’, down from when i first noticed things were odd to today. It doesn’t have to be for anyone else to read, it’s just for you.

Colleen Henderson-Heywood August 20, 2010

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Take One Minute – Frustration – Episode 3

I am preparing for my future, its a mental preparation, I am not afraid, I hope to face things with an inner calm and to have the grace to dispel frustration…

Some things you can fix, others you can’t. Parkinson’s disease is for the moment one that can’t. As each day passes another little piece of me slides away with illness and as each day passes I counter balance this erosion by making something good happen.

Frustration could so easily wear you down, especially as someone with little patience, but I have learned to simply go with the flow or to find a solution, it’s about staying in charge, it’s about being you, it’s about life.

Colleen Henderson-Heywood September 26, 2010

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Take One Minute – Music – Episode 4

Music moves me. I love everything from Faure’s Requiem to The Clash, and best of all cheesy disco. I have rhythm and I can dance!

Oh yes I still can. But with PD music is so much more than it’s uplifting, motivating it can help you to escape. And it has saved me when I needed it most. We can all find a place for it in our lives. Remember the first album you bought, running to catch top of the pops. And that pull out poster of David Essex!

From today try this if your spirits are low – play something you love loud, drown out the world and enjoy!

Colleen Henderson-Heywood October 11, 2010

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Take One Minute- Trading – Episode 5

Most of us know a little of the physical side of PD but it is the non-motor symptoms that can have the most profound affect. I look at myself today and I am very different. Some small tasks have become overwhelming, and indecisiveness has set in. This wasn’t the old me but it is the new me. I have to adapt and more importantly my partner has to adapt with me. We are learning that being flexible and remaining balanced is the best approach. So when your dishwasher turns into a monster and your bedroom looks like the clothes collection point at Oxfam, you can remain good humoured! It’s not the end of the world!

Colleen Henderson-Heywood November 8, 2010

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