Surely you can step twice in the same “river” …but

“You should go,” my brother said “You have Parkinson’s. If you don’t go now, you may never get to go.”

My other siblings often asked why I have not gone back to Vietnam, the country of my birth, the country that I left 30 plus years ago as an eleven year old. Especially the one sister who still lives in Vietnam, after hearing about my numerous trips to many other parts of the world, “How come you go everywhere but never come back to Viet Nam for a visit?”

“I will, sis. Someday, I definitely have to go back,” I promised. To be blunt, I don’t know why I haven’t gone back. Most Vietnamese living abroad love to go back, like an annual pilgrimage to the motherland. Some go back to look for a wife, some go back to behave as sex tourists, some go back to take their foreign-born children to discover their ancestral roots, some return to open businesses, or simply to see their loved ones. Whatever reasons – most have gone back since the Vietnamese government started welcoming the “Viet Kieu”, literally means “Overseas Vietnamese”, and their remittance wealth.

I have a brother-in-law who never wants to go back either, [...] continue the story