Virginia and Horace’s Story: Living with Vitiligo

Meet Virginia H. and Horace F. as they discuss the daily (and different) challenges they face with vitiligo—a condition in which patches of skin turn white.

Interviewed by CSPA Board Member, Preet Bhogal

Tell us bit about yourselves. Virginia H.: I’m a “Winnipeg-ger” Canadian, Australian born. I’m a dance choreographer/visualartist with a musical background and a writer. I have Scottish, Maori, American and Irish roots. I have a beautiful daughter and an epic son. I’ve had vitiligo for five years.

Horace F.: I’m an American from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m an ordained minister, sales manager, health-care recruiter and director of my own consulting group in Vancouver, BC. My journey with vitiligo started in 2004.

How does vitiligo affect you? VH: My “attitude is my altitude.” I need to take into account things others don’t. This affects the clothes I wear, how I spend my money and even budgeting extra time and money for protective clothing styles and skin maintenance lotions and makeup. I really have to focus on make-up application and visual presentation in my daily life. HF: I have concern that people that I come into contact with sometimes draw away in fear that it’s contagious. Sometimes, when reaching out to hold or shake someone’s hand the look on their face is so depressing. My family was okay with it once they knew it is not contagious. VH: I’m 49 and single. My children see me as I am—their mom. I’m [...] continue the story