Ebb & Flow; Storytelling for Cancer Survivors

The idea for this film came out of Mike and Bonnie Lang’s experiences facilitating adventure trips, retreats and conferences with young adult survivors. Through the many conversations and group discussions with survivors, they realized how much each person’s story was able to help others and they were always amazed at the wisdom that came from the sharing those stories. Mike and Bonnie recognized that many young adult survivors didn’t realize they had a profound story or did not know where to start when sharing their story.

The goal of this film is to look at the stories of young adults with cancer using the concrete five phase story structure as the framework. Through the film we hope to encourage survivors to view their lives as epic stories; stories that need to be told to others so that the wisdom gained from the journey will not be lost. We understand that life is complicated and cannot always be categorized into five simple phases, but we think it is a good place to start.

We hope you enjoy the film. Know that your level of connectedness with the film may depend on where you are at in your cancer journey. We encourage you to [...] continue the story

Jackie Trusted Her Instincts

After finding a lump in her breast at the age of 28, Jackie Roth knew it was more than a cyst. Trusting her instincts and knowing her body, the young woman persisted to get treatment and overcome breast cancer.

In March 2010 everything changed for Jackie.

She was getting ready for her final push to complete her PhD in genetics when she found a lump in her breast. She was just 28 and was told it was just a cyst and would go away. Even then – in the back of her mind – she thought maybe it was more than a cyst.

She had no real family history of breast cancer. Her grandmother was diagnosed when she was 78 and was treated with radiation. She is now cancer free and doing well at the age of 90. Jackie’s mother had been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer at 48, so Jackie was more concerned about her chances of getting colorectal cancer.

And it’s not like she was unaware of the issues; the area she was researching for her PhD was breast cancer.

When the lump didn’t go away, Jackie went to her obstetrician-gynecologist and was quickly sent to the Jefferson-Honickman Breast Imaging Center to check [...] continue the story

The 5th Season

Through the four seasons, the photographer Ladislas Kadyszewski follows the course of the illness of her friend Christine Leibivict learning to the age of 27 she is suffering from breast cancer. In 2008, the fifth season is open, out of competition, the first international film festival on breast cancer in Toronto.