Canadian Women Changing Healthcare

I happened to catch an episode of the CNN series “The Sixties” which featured the rise of the feminist movement. It caught my immediate attention as we here at Patient Commando were hard at work preparing our 2nd Annual Canadian Women Changing Healthcare. It had escaped my memory that in my lifetime there was a time when there were quotas on the spaces available to women  in medical, dental and law schools. There was a time when airline stewardesses had to be single, with soft hands and were forced to retire at the age of 32. There was a time in my lifetime that women marched in the streets fighting for equality and recognition. The episode reminded me of  many women who led the way – like journalist Gloria Steinem who infiltrated Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire, Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown (Sex and The Single Girl), author Betty Friedan (The Feminine  Mystique) and the National Organization of Women (NOW) who played such important roles in galvanizing what turned into a global movement.

I couldn’t help but think of the many parallels between that time and certain realities that exist in our healthcare system. As Patient Commando and others have pointed out before, 78% [...] continue the story

Andrea Shewchuk

Andrea Shewchuk July 9, 2014 2014 Aphasia Institute Ambassador Award co-recipient

The term “creative process” is most commonly heard in association with art.  Rarely are its aspects appreciated in the arena of health+wellness.

A multi-dimensional, universal machination, at the origin of all life, art and manifestations, ebbs+flows of confusion+light, space+action, external+internal, choice+passivity, quiet+communication, patience+frustration, peace+discomfort, Free Will+Destiny, knowing+not, intellect+intuition, matter+energy, words+colours, fear+perception, before+after, association+freedom, thought+realization, circumstance+response, cycles+chaos, universal+specific…

The path to imbalance is one that does not usually perceive the existence of its creativity.  It tends to ignore messages and agree to presentations, habitually designing disconnection of intertwining facets until, a norm of chronic unwellness, a “nameable” disease or crisis and, opportunity.

The creative process of healing is not a dissection of causes, each to be directly met with its cure.  It is a navigation and understanding of a life, of process, awareness, communications from within and reading from the story in which one participates.  It is a consciousness of interconnection and of the whole.  It is an evolution providing for greater self-knowledge, openness to the experience of an expanded reality and the courage to greet its circumstances with a wisdom that often appears to defy convention.  It is transformation.

My repertoire of childhood conditions was, like anyone’s, [...] continue the story