Protected: Amplifying The Patient Voice

What is Patient Commando? The source for authentic patient stories. What does Patient Commando do? Apply authentic Patient Experience programming to critical Health Care Issues. How does Patient Commando do this?

Credibility. Authenticity. Influence. Innovation.

Patient Commando programming is accredited by the College of Family Physicians for professional education. What does Patient Commando deliver?

Social Impact

Empowering Patient participation Improved treatment compliance Increased patient safety

Common Language that enables higher impact partnerships

Patient Engagement Stakeholder Engagement


Innovative stakeholder strategies

Who is listening to Patient Commando?

Product Manufacturers System Designers Retailers Educators Researchers Professional Associations Policy Makers

Our Programmes Preview

Monday Mornings Become part of local communities and affect lives on a visceral level. A 3 month program designed to leave participants and their caregivers with a clear, sustainable plan. Laugh Therapy, a proven model to reduce agitation as well as medication but without side effects.

The Innovation: Apply matching funds principle to engage with the community. Med-utainment We turn patient narratives into award winning entertainment and compelling education.

We’ve had to create a new term for it – Med-utainment.

Live stage events Documentary films

Upstaging Cancer – Stolfi Speakers – Patient Experience Speaks Up. Stories That Create Change. Zal on stage/ Simon receiving award / Stolfi sizzle /

  Narrative Training – Laugh Therapy Workshops that enable, teach, and grow. Patient Commando’s creative director, Brian G. Smith, uses Creative Storytelling and Comedic Improvisation to encourage participants to deeply explore their creative spirits, and to release stress. Demonstrating: – [...] continue the story