Michaela Cornell Writes About Patient Commando

Here at Patient Commando we work with talented, fun and hardworking individuals. More impressive is that these people regularly and happily share their experiences of working with us.  Two weeks ago we shared Jillian’s blog with you. Today we share a recent post by Michaela Cornell.

Michaela operates Michaela Cornell Publishers in Toronto and has been working with clients like Perseus Books Group, Random House of Canada, HarperCollins Canada and Penguin Canada for several years. Recently she began working with the Patients Association of Canada and now Patient Commando.

We invite you to read Michaela’s post on working with Zal, Patient Commando and our last production, Cancer Can’t Dance Like This.


Patient Commando on YouTube

Crafted by our Creative Director Brian Smith and produced by YouaandMedia, we are pleased to share our latest video on Who we are, What we do and Why.

The Kaizen Crossroad: Patient Commando & CCDLT

Jillian Rodak of Patient Commando, shares her thoughts on our organization and tonight’s presentation of Cancer Can’t Dance Like This.

We invite you to read Jillian’s blog post here.

Cancer Can’t Dance Like This plays tonight (May 12) at CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio. Join us. For details and tickets information please visit http://roythomson.com/eventdetail?eventId=791

Zal Press, on CBC Radio One – Today

Tune into Here & Now on CBC’s Radio One (99.1 FM) at 5:50 pm EST today.

Listen in as Zal Press, Founder and Executive Director of Patient Commando talks about Laugh Therapy, Patient Story Telling, and tomorrow’s performance of Cancer Can’t Dance Like This.

Read Friday’s National Post’s article on Patient Commando here http://www.patientcommando.com/blog/?p=61