Lynda Covello

Lynda P.S. Covello, LL.B., LL.M. Author, Motivational Speaker,

T1D Patient Opinion Leader,

Professional Vocalist, International Lawyer and Business Consultant

Lynda was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1973, and has lived successfully with the condition for more than 40 years, through many career and life challenges, including two successful high-risk pregnancies and a high-powered international legal and business career. Although close friends and family knew that she lives with T1D, Lynda managed this information with the rest of the world on a strict ‘need-to-know’ basis. Most of the people she worked and socialized with did not know.  Having faced the debilitating effects of fear and discrimination on the part of others in the early years of living with her condition, she made a conscious decision to keep it to herself until she was sure people could be trusted.  Even those who knew she lived with T1D were not privy to her thoughts and feelings on the subject.  Now she has begun to speak, write and sing publicly about her experiences with the hope that by doing so, she will empower others to survive and thrive on the never-ending T1D journey, as well as raise public and professional awareness of the unique challenges encountered by [...] continue the story

Andrea Shewchuk

Andrea Shewchuk July 9, 2014 2014 Aphasia Institute Ambassador Award co-recipient

The term “creative process” is most commonly heard in association with art.  Rarely are its aspects appreciated in the arena of health+wellness.

A multi-dimensional, universal machination, at the origin of all life, art and manifestations, ebbs+flows of confusion+light, space+action, external+internal, choice+passivity, quiet+communication, patience+frustration, peace+discomfort, Free Will+Destiny, knowing+not, intellect+intuition, matter+energy, words+colours, fear+perception, before+after, association+freedom, thought+realization, circumstance+response, cycles+chaos, universal+specific…

The path to imbalance is one that does not usually perceive the existence of its creativity.  It tends to ignore messages and agree to presentations, habitually designing disconnection of intertwining facets until, a norm of chronic unwellness, a “nameable” disease or crisis and, opportunity.

The creative process of healing is not a dissection of causes, each to be directly met with its cure.  It is a navigation and understanding of a life, of process, awareness, communications from within and reading from the story in which one participates.  It is a consciousness of interconnection and of the whole.  It is an evolution providing for greater self-knowledge, openness to the experience of an expanded reality and the courage to greet its circumstances with a wisdom that often appears to defy convention.  It is transformation.

My repertoire of childhood conditions was, like anyone’s, [...] continue the story

Jodeme Goldhar

Jodeme Goldhar Championing Healthcare Integration for Major Transformation – For Patients and the System

Jodeme Goldhar’s passion has helped healthcare organizations break out of their siloes to work together for a common goal – enhancing the care experience and outcomes for their most vulnerable clients.

She has had strong support from the (mostly female) leadership team at Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (TC CCAC) particularly CEO Stacey Daub. Jodeme’s position as Lead for Health System Integration for Complex Populations and Primary Care has allowed her to facilitate a true partnership between organizations to develop and implement ICCP, a program which smooths transitions (for example, between home and hospital) and forms one care team around each client. Each team is quarterbacked by a TC CCAC care coordinator who communicates with team members and works with the client’s family doctor to develop a coordinated care plan – based on the priorities of the client and family caregivers.

ICCP began as a pilot project focussed on frail seniors, the 1% of patients who use 30% of healthcare resources. It brought together an unprecedented variety of healthcare organizations within the city of Toronto.

Jodeme often prefers to put the spotlight on these partners and the transformation they’ve achieved: [...] continue the story

Dianne Carmichael

Dianne Carmichael President & CEO, Carmichael Worldwide Inc. In 2004, Dianne’s father was diagnosed with cancer, affecting her profoundly. She felt overwhelmed and unprepared for the immense responsibility of becoming her Dad’s ultimate decision-maker, caregiver, champion and advocate during what became a profound journey through a complex and confusing medical system.

Dianne witnessed the gaps in healthcare first-hand and the impact they had: putting patients at a disadvantage, discouraging participatory engagement, challenges navigating the system, creating an additional burden of unnecessary anxiety in the vulnerable patient and their caregivers, poor coordination of care, lack of integrated medical records systems, poor communication, overburdened health care providers, and a system at risk of sustainability. With her dad on his deathbed, Dianne had what she describes as an epiphany which led to a major shift in her career and personal focus.

She left her role as a CEO in financial services in order to move to health care to make a difference in the lives of Canadians stricken with profound illness. Today she advocates and champions for patients, inspires others to innovate and adopt disruptive technologies in order to ensure the highest quality of care in Canada, works to influence Health Policy and lead system sustainability and transformation.

Dianne [...] continue the story

Nicki Kahnamoui

Nicki Kahnamoui Growing research and experience demonstrate that participation and engagement in arts and cultural activities has significant benefits for the health of individuals, populations and the sustainability of health care systems.

As the Executive Director of Arts Health BC, the founding Community Partner of Arts Health Network Canada, Nicki Kahnamoui has the privilege of working on behalf of the arts & health community to promote participation and engagement in the arts for improved health, healing and wellbeing.

Over the past two decades, Nicki has been working in the health care and research field on a host of projects, ranging from new program and system implementations in hospitals to curating and organizing an arts and science exhibit in a genetics lab. She is also a mixed media visual artist, inspried by persian sufi poetry and elements in nature, whose artwork is mostly a contemplation of our continuous quest for meaning. Working in the field of arts and health is at the intersection of her two passions.  Nicki strongly believes that artistic practice and participating in cultural activities, in any shape or form, are integral to a person’s well-being. She says: “We know that engaging in arts and cultural activities is good for us. [...] continue the story