About Us

Patient Commando creates social impact by providing a platform that amplifies the patient voice, increases patient engagement, and affects practice change by empowering the patient and cultivating collaborative relationships between patient and healthcare providers.

Our Mission

Patient Commando Productions is dedicated to lifting the veil of silence that so often accompanies the onset of illness. We are a platform for stories that explore the patient experience to serve as a source of inspiration and insight to all those confronted with the challenges of illness.

Our Stories

Our goal is to amass a world class catalogue of narratives that informs patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Our website is a platform for the voice of the patient as told through prose, video, and art. The very act of telling our story makes us feel good. We’ve made it easy for you too.

Our Speakers

Patients, caregivers, practitioners, authors and inspiring individuals.  Patient Commando is proud host a continually increasing roster of patient speakers.

We invite you to view our listing of impressive presenters, perfect for your next event.

“Every patient has a story. The very act of telling that story makes one feel good. When it comes from a place of honesty and is well told, it has the power to change lives.” – Brian G. Smith, Creative Director