Our Code

The Patient Commando Code

We are committed to helping patients become better informed about how to manage their healthcare. Our productions not only inspire engagement, but our support system gives patients an arsenal of skills and tools to take command of their healthcare. Everything we produce adheres to the following Patient Commando Code:

  • Become collaborative partners with your health care providers.
  • Think critically about all information you’re given whether from a provider or from the internet.
  • Learn that illness doesn’t only affect you, but all those who love you, and learn to love them back.

Patient Engagement is More Than a Buzzword

Patient centred care, empowerment, engagement, are the latest buzzwords in the health provider community. But what do they mean? The Patient Commando is a voice that articulates the “patient” perspective and communicates engagement by using cultural assets as a bridge between the patient and the provider communities.

Our stories are a singular voice fighting for patient engagement in the healthcare system. To doctors, governments, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, alternative providers, and researchers, Patient Commando Productions champions patient engagement as a method for patients and providers to collaborate on the management of a patient’s healthcare.

Issues, Issues, Issues – Sustainability and Accessibility

Of course, we’re concerned about the issues facing patients with chronic illness. The high costs of Healthcare are putting pressure on budgets. Our productions are testimonies to the value of the system and the necessity to protect the continuity of treatment.

With the often high cost of life saving and life-altering therapies, we are acting to protect continued accessibility to treatment from increased restrictions to access, making sure that those who need these therapies will continue to be eligible to receive them.