Liz RiceLiz Rice, B.A.Sc.

Enviro-Health Speaker

20 years of having very poor health, made Liz Rice very passionate about encouraging others to invest more in theirs. Liz is an Environmental-Health Speaker specializing in toxicity and the interaction between the environment and human health.


The Health Saver

Scent free policy_Scent Smart11 years ago Liz experienced a life changing event (video below) which has become the primary focus of her work today.  A co-worker walked past her desk wearing an extreme amount of cologne. In one day her life changed radically – she went from having no sensitivity to fragrances, to being disabled by them!  She was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) – an environmental illness.  To get better, she had to drastically decrease her exposure to the toxins in daily life.  That meant making significant changes at home and at work.

Enviro-Health PresentationsAfter many years of navigating the toxins in her daily life, and on the urging of friends and colleagues to share her knowledge with others, Liz founded her company Enviro-Health Presentations.  Her goal is to reach people before they suffer from poor health – specifically poor health arising from easily managed environmental factors, such as the chemicals used to make fragrances.

There are so many simple things we can all do to save our health.  Since 2010 Liz has been delivering practical presentations to corporate and school audiences on how we can minimize the toxins in daily life – the toxins that we inhale, ingest, and otherwise absorb.  Some topics include: “No Scents Makes Sense” and “The Pitfalls of Plastics”.  [deleted text here]

In addition to booking Liz for her “No Scents Makes Sense” presentations, employers hire Liz to:

  • give them advice on rolling-out & managing scent-free policies,
  • deliver scent-awareness training  from a human resources (HR) perspective,  and
  • plan for renovations using low-toxicity materials.

Need some health saving information and inspiration? Liz Rice can be reached via / @EHspeakers or / @ScentSmart