XX in Health – Canadian Women Changing Health

xxinhealth1-whiteOur first annual list of Canadian Women Changing Healthcare brings the spotlight on women who are changing the face of healthcare yet don’t get the recognition CEO’s do. We’re doing this to support XX in Health Week 2013, an initiative that focuses attention on the lack of female representation at decision-making levels.

Working with limited resources other than the sheer force of personal will, a finely tuned sense for innovation, persuasion and unlimited enthusiasm for their mission, they transform health. It’s a profound lesson in leadership, demonstrating the courage required when risking so much of your heart for your cause.

Despite the risks, they build movements, change systems, and galvanize the spirits of those in pain and suffering. These leaders leverage the power of empathy, by acknowledging the suffering, embracing and respecting it.

I’ve been privileged to have met and learned about the work of many of these changemakers. You’ll find women who have created advocacy initiatives, changed how young healthcare professionals are being taught, built new channels for patient communication, provoked a new discourse about dying, exposed ugly truths of the lived illness experience, expressed their voice through the arts, and led expeditions 300 km north of the Arctic circle as an example of living successfully in the face of mortal, daily challenges.

XX in Health Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate these extraordinary visionaries toiling on the side of patients, many of whom do so without expectation of reward, only an ambition to ease suffering and save a life.

These women share their personal stories with us as our first annual selection of Canadian Women Changing Healthcare. These healthcare transformers are exemplary role models. Women entrepreneurs reaching for the reins of health care companies can learn about risk and valor from their counterparts who have dedicated themselves to amplifying the voice of the patient.

Is there someone you feel deserves to be on this list? Send us the details by email to story@patientcommando.com

See the stories of each of the XX in Health Week healthcare transformers: